About iROC

iROC was formerly known as Skymedi Corporation, which was founded in 2003. In the end of 2015, it joined the brand-new business team- ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. and extended itself into the field of biotechnology and medical care for proactively developing an industry-university collaboration and welcoming the joining of global biotechnology professional partners. Furthermore, it has changed its name to iROC and adopted a colorful roc image as the enterprise’s commercial identification. Roc is a rare species of big bird whose dazzling colors represent all kinds of natural elements between land and sky. At sunrise, the roc spreads its wings to give off light for trillions of lives. The magic experiences of the glamor of health care by the natural elements between the sky and land are taken as the spirit of the enterprise.

Vision and faith

The natural wilderness is the origin of initiated power. As a result, iROC has dedicated itself to research and development on the power of each raw material. With high end biological technology, the extraction and quality of precious raw materials are increasingly improved. In addition to the industry-university collaboration with the top universities, iROC has a competent R&D team and comprehensive and precise laboratory equipment to perfectly integrate bio-technological research results and the market demands for launching unique star products with high competitiveness that offers customers natural and burden-free products, as well as highly effective healthcare resolution.