Supply Chain Finance on Blockchain

Supply Chain Management system based on Hyperledger Fabric architeture
non-disclosure and dsitributed blockchain
as the tech core
Multi-agency invovled and trustworthy digital ledger for enterprise supply chain

Focus on optimization toward enprise suppli chain management, building the database of merchandise, development of applications and planning for the trend of industry 4.0


Cooperated Case

Taiwan Assembly & Test Green Environment & Safety Cloud Sytem

This project is lead by OSE Corp., with IEI Integration Corp. , Second large industrial computer manufacturer, CYMMETRIK ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., professional label manufacturer and it’s association Croxlink, and INFOFAB INC. to build the Green environment & safety cloud system for Taiwan assembly industry. Validaton site is selected in ASE Group, the leader of assembly industry, to start as an model for deeper integration with supply chain and relevant industry.

★Green Barriers

Green barriers is a non tariff barrier in order to protect national industry. Taiwan semiconductor industry now face the challange of CSR,coperate social responsibility, from environment, labor safety, and management of hazardous material.

★SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals

In order to achieve the CSR for semiconductor industry and SDG/ESG goals, we help to build a cloud service based ecosystem for assembly industry with suppliers from infrastructure, upstream, information consultant, platform design, the center planet, international customer, local resident and social service.