Applications in Multiple Fields by Blockchain Technical Solutions

Secured Data Storage/Id Auth-/Supply Chain Finance/Web3.0

Core Tech and BaaSid

Focus on landing applications based on Blockchain technology.
Actively develop cyberscurity, DID identification, Supply Chain Finance, annd Web3.0 Fields.

BaaS Innovation and its Subsidiary, BaaSid, provide best Blockchain solution and application. Our core tech has strong foundamental base from decentralized data processing, data storage on internet with blockchain tech enhancement, and identity or behavior authentication and authorization. We then expand to varieties of applicaitons such as "Blockchain secured data storage", "Blockchain distributed identification as DID", "Blockchain Supply Chain Finance", and "Web3.0 transit module".

Our Solutions

Decentralized data processing with blockchain technology based on BaaSid core engine, We build multiple solutions with best blockchain applications and provide them for enterprise and developers.

BaaSid Dynamic Consent

● Participant will receive notification from Dynamic Consent quickly
● Participant can modify signed content any time
● Data Journey are all recorded on blockchain

BaaSid Soteria

● Fragmented, decentralized, and safe storage
● Speed on chain records
● Protections to confidentials

BaaSid Pistis DID

● Combine with blockchain advantage
● Compatible with International Standard
● 3rd Party speedy authorization

SCF with blockchain

● Optimization for SC
● RFID integration
● Combine with blockchain advantage

Mngt of Cryptocurrency
Multi-sign Solution

● Multiple Signature Solution
● Hierarchical Authentication and Authorization
● Customized Key Authorization Mechanism

Blockchain Products and Services

Soteria Space

Data Management and Access Control System based on Blockchain Technology Build with multi-layer encryption, MFA, highly customerized and secured storage solution.

Suitable for, Enterprise confidential data, file storage on lcoud, 5G/AIOT application and personal private data.

Blockchain DID Platform for Digital Graduation Certificate

Combine the blockchain infrastructure with DID tech that is compatible with international standard to build a decentralized, immutable, privacy protected and a trustable platform for digital graduation certificate.

Suitable for, all kind of qualification certificate from scholl or educational insitute.

Feel free to contact with us to understand more posibilities of blockchain applications. We looking forward any feedback from you sincerely.